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Updated: Aug 25, 2018

Hey there! My name is Bridgette Bee or just "Bee" for short. For one reason or another, you seem to have stumbled on my blog. In this blog, you'll gain knowledge of art and art techniques for those just starting out. I plan to post weekly, starting from the very basics and moving in to more complicated techniques and possibly a few tutorials in the future. I also hope to build a community to help encourage and critique beginners and experienced artists alike. Art is something I've been doing my whole life and I enjoy it greatly. I want to inspire others to adopt this hobby and do so in a way that is easy to understand and supportive of everyone. So, before we get started let's get to talking about what art is exactly...

What is Art?

A cheesy question, I know, but I think it does deserve some attention. Some people like to be posh and claim that only certain things can be art. But in reality, I like to think that most things can be classified as art in one way or another. Most people think of art as a painting or drawing, but really, it can be anything from the way a house was designed, to a song, or a video game. I guess what I'm really getting at is, just because there are different categories in the broad subject of "Art" doesn't mean that one is more or less valid than the other.

The neat thing about art, and the world in general, is that there are so many different

The Starry Night - Vincent van Gogh

styles and techniques that individuals either like or dislike. For example, my own style is influenced by Japanese anime, different artists I was exposed to in school, and the cartoons I grew up watching. This is the case with many people as well as artists. The things we tend to gravitate towards impact us in how we live our lives and the way we may present ourselves. This differing of opinions, however, can also contribute to seeing things in a new light. You might come across someone whose style is a bit different but might be able to take away from them a new way of tackling an artistic problem that you were facing yourself.

My intention is to bring forth a collaborative effort of differing minds so that we can all grow and learn together. New artists can learn from experienced ones and those more skilled might be able to expand upon their own techniques with the help of fresh eyes.

Next Week

Next time we'll start out with the basic Elements of Art. Our first principle to learn will be Line! Also, I'll have an exercise to do at the end of each post as well as a weekly challenge.

Thanks for stopping by, and get ready for the next post dealing with the principle of Line in Art!

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