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Hard Reset

This is the start of something new. But also, a continuation of my artistic journey.

I've always made art, in one form or another. Even when I had an office job, you could catch me doodling in meetings or throughout the day. It's just something I do. It might not make sense to everyone, but it helps me concentrate or sometimes re-center myself.

page filled with doodles, sticky notes with doodles on them
Some doodle examples...

This "hard reset" is my way of sharing my journey. It's a way of learning and growing. I'm working toward becoming a tattoo artist. It's been a dream of mine since I was about 17/18 (you know, when you're really trying to decide what "career path" you want to take). Because of doubts, from those around me and society, I never gave it much consideration as a real option. I recently left my office job, mostly due to conflicting values between my manager and myself. But it also opened my eyes to the possibility of actually pursing my dream of making art as a means to support myself. The most important thing I realized in leaving this "nice" office job was that there will be suffering, regardless of what occupation you choose. So, wouldn't you rather choose how you suffer?

Some might say I'm a little pessimistic. But I try my best to look at things from an objective perspective. I realize I do tend to get down and depressed more than most people around me. I've struggled with my mental health for a good portion of my life and continue to work on it to this day. Struggling with mental illness is a big reason I make art. Art allows expression of things you can't put into words. For me, it's a way to get my feelings out there and show myself in an unfiltered way.

japanese tattoo sketch, pen ink, traditional media
Japanese tattoo sketch ideas

With this, I'm going to be sharing current projects I'm working on, sketches, thoughts, ideas, and any tips and tricks I learn along the way. As I continue to grow as a person and an artist, I hope that my sharing resonates with you in some way. And maybe you'll decide to share your experiences with me, too. We're all artists deep down somewhere. So I hope you'll follow along and maybe have the courage to create something yourself also :)

Until next time~

-Bridgette Bee

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