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About Me

Picture of Bridgette Bee, woman, 30, dark brown hair, freckles, nose ring, smiling, winking and showing a peace sign
Artist. Creator. Thinker.

Artist Statement


I’ve made art for as long as I can remember and that will continue until I am no longer able. Art has always been a way to express myself in a way that words cannot. I view creating pieces of art as putting a little piece of my soul out into the world. Whether it’s a completed and framed piece, or a simple doodle on a sticky-note, anything I make can tell you a lot about what I’m feeling and thinking at a given moment. I also think that creating is a form of therapy for me. It’s a way to go inside myself and get into the deep dark corners we sometimes shy away from. I’m no stranger to the impacts of mental illness, but making artwork that explores that side of me is my way of turning something that can be destructive into something more creative.

Art has a way of connecting people across time and space. I make art for myself, because it’s part of how I create space for myself. I do hope that my art has an impact on others, but if you don’t feel anything from it, that’s okay too. I think the beauty in all aspects of art is that it is so subjective. There’s art out there for everyone, you just have to go out and find yours. And if you can't seem to find it, then make it for yourself! :)

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